Paintings signed Sofia Pashaei find togetherness in being different. As an onlooker, you’ll see feminine figures being idle while keeping busy. Not wholly there, not completely gone either — thinking, reflecting, sighing. A series of ladies’ portraits that incite even more thinking.


‘Sisters' 2022.

Oil on linen, 60 x 65 cm.
€ 3.140,00

‘I promise you, I was here' 2022.

Oil on linen, 200 x 165 cm.
€ 9.400,00


The Blooming Temper

Marieke Bontinck, Hélène Meyer, Sofia Pashaei, Lidia Sciarrotta, Elisia Poelman

The Blooming Temper

30 April 20225 June 2022


Saturday 14–18 h
Sunday 14–18 h
Monday to Friday by appointment

Land Van Waaslaan 58
9040 Gent