Jan Vandeplancke (°1997, Ghent) graduated in 2019 as Master in Illustration at LUCA School of Arts Ghent. He soon started experimenting with sculptural objects and in situ installations. They tend to be vivid objects from a cartoonish, sometimes fictional world of clichéd ‘image pools’: drawing from comic book culture and cartoons, via games and toys, right up to archaeological excavations—including the weeds on the pavement. Vandeplancke's work invariably occurs in a colourful-grey zone. It’s just a wonderful place to linger.

Rufus factor: This playful, sculptural world is unreal at its most real!


The Seeds Will Turn the Tide

Aquarel on poplar multiplex, mdf, nylon rope and oakwood
€ 2.600,00

A Lie Down the Nose

Plastic and delrin details on Douglas fir, beech, mdf and concrete form plywood
€ 1.750,00

Valkuilen des Levens

Acrylic paint on poplar plywood, mdf and pine
€ 1.400,00

A Sideshow

Wingnuts on sculpted mdf
€ 1.550,00

Twelve Ways to Get Somewhere

Acrylic paint on beech and pine multiplex and betonplex
€ 1.800,00

De Bomen en het Bos

Oak, poplar plywood, mdf
€ 1.750,00


Painted wooden beads on carved betonplex and mdf
€ 1.800,00

The T(h)reat

Mdf, nylon rope and beech
€ 1.800,00

Het Tranendal

Oilpaint on pine, pleat plywood and poplar multiplex
€ 1.600,00

Core Business

Sculpted hardwood multiplex with boardgame pawns
€ 1.600,00

Sunrise on the Radio

Wingnuts on pine, betonplex, zinc, concrete and nylon rope
€ 2.700,00

Ever Changing Smoke

Acrylic paint on beech, pine, fiberboard and mdf
€ 2.100,00

Nine Lives

Sculpted mdf, plastic and acrylic spray paint
€ 1.900,00

As Long as it Lasts

Sculpted Douglas fir, oil paint on beech, pine and acrylic spraypaint on mdf

Vanitas Street

Sculpted mdf with Delrin plastic detail
€ 1.500,00

The Ratrace

Plastic details on beech, hardwood multiplex and mdf
€ 1.750,00

Stuck Stick

Branch of a willow tree on pine multiplex
€ 1.550,00

Time Will Tell: If and When

Acrylic (spray) paint on pine, poplar, willow, Douglas fir, beech, hardwood multiplex, metal chain and electric wire


Acrylic paint on pvc, concrete form plywood and mdf
€ 1.850,00

Undermining Strategy

Oilpaint on birch plywood and Douglas fir plywood

Depending On Faith

Oiled hardwood multiplex and rivets on zinc plating
€ 1.900,00


Oilpaint and collage on willow branches, linnen canvas and birch plywood
€ 1.750,00

Hollow Tooth

Concrete form plywood, wood, synthetic carpet and acrylic paint on plastic
€ 2.350,00


Nylon rope, electric wire, metal, pine, beech, mdf and plexi


Oilpaint and spraypaint on metal with sculpted mdf
€ 2.200,00

Sparks of Joy

Acrylic paint on birch multiplex and plastic details
€ 3.000,00

Wind Down on a Mown Lawn

Oiled Douglas fir, synthetic carpet, hardwood and poplar multiplex and polypropylene rope
€ 2.200,00



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