Ines Claus (°1993, Antwerp) graduated in 2017 as a Master in Liberal Arts at KASK Ghent. In her practice, she blurs the lines between drawing, painting, collaging, publishing and installing. Claus recites motives sampled from everyday reality and generously sprinkles them with curlicues and checkered patterns. With layered, daring compositions, Claus sketches a linguistic landscape of bits and pieces found in the wonderful world of advertising, fashion and interior design. Rufus factor: Claus’ brush paints brightly banal, elegant and diabolical objects.


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Ines Claus

Mode De Vie

11 December 202123 January 2022


Saturday 14–18 h
Sunday 14–18 h
Monday to Friday by appointment

Land Van Waaslaan 58
9040 Gent