Indré Svirplyté (Latvia, °1992) got her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2015, then continued with a Master in Illustration at LUCA, School of Arts Ghent. Svirplyté makes installations and plays with mixed media that don’t stick to standard formats. Recently, this talented illustrator has turned her attention to art tapestries depicting fantastic, sarcastic, slightly worrying, grotesque and cartoonish drawings. In her anthropomorphic visual world, she toys with cunning expressions and frolic scenery, all oozing tongue-in-cheekiness. Rufus factor: Svirplyté is 100% wool, acrylic, fabric and mischief.



Saturday 14–18 h
Sunday 14–18 h
Monday to Friday by appointment

Land Van Waaslaan 58
9040 Gent